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The Relationship Handbook author, Kevin B. Burk spent many years in a wide range of sales jobs. He has sold computers, sign equipment, display ads, classified ads, long distance services, water filters, vacation packages, vacuum cleaners, encyclopedias, mortgages, knives, water filters, foreign language courses, and sales training and motivational seminars.

Burk spent over 10 years working on the phones, in every type of telephone sales: (outbound, inbound, business-to-business, residential, fund-raising). He got his start on the phones while in college, working part time for the annual fund, where he raised over $23,000 in less than 6 weeks. He spent four years telemarketing promoting sales training and motivational seminars to businesses, working with Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, and Jay Abraham. He quickly became the resident trainer, coaching other TSRs and CSRs, and writing a comprehensive training manual on telephone sales techniques.

In his own words, Burk says, “As a sale person, I was…lousy. I couldn’t handle working on commission, and no matter how successful I was at the start, the stress and uncertainty of commissioned sales always got to me in the end.”

This was not for lack of training. While promoting seminars, Burk studied Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Jay Abraham, and many other cutting-edge sales and motivational trainers. But something critical was missing from their information. Now, through his revolutionary work in the field of human relationships, Kevin B. Burk has discovered the missing link. His failures in sales are the key to your success!

Revealed at Last! The Essential Secrets Missing From Every Sales Training Program in Existence!

In “The Secrets of Successful Telephone Selling,” you will discover how to take control of your sales career, and dramatically increase your commissions, your sales, and your satisfaction with your job!

  • Learn what it is that you’re really selling (if you think people are buying your product or service, you’re dead wrong), and how to sell it more effectively.

  • Discover the only reason people do not buy—and how to overcome it!

  • Master a simple, powerful and proven strategy that will make your prospects want to buy from you—right now!

  • Discover the one tool that you can not live without—the secret to giving great phone (and how you can get yours for about 89¢).

  • Learn the one thing you must do to avoid the pain of rejection.
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